Monday, February 13, 2012

Tuesday Confessions of an English Paper Piecing-oholic

I've decided that each Tuesday I'll post an update on my English Paper Piecing adventures, finds, likes, loves, etc!! Since I got my job flying commercially I've had more time than I've known what to do with sitting around in hotel rooms WITHOUT MY SEWING MACHINE at first I found this as the most horrible thing ever but then I remembered a Grandmothers Flower Garden Quilt I had started when I was probably about nine (I've been a quilting freak since a VERY young age) and was instantly more excited than ever!!! Luckily, this thought came to me while I was overnighting in Augusta, GA where there is a Hobby Lobby across the street from our hotel. I had never been to a Hobby Lobby before and from the outside the place reminded me of somewhere you'd buy stuff to make model cars and other "dumb guy hobbies" but since I didn't see a quilt shop or anywhere to buy fabric I figured it couldn't hurt to take a look inside. OH MY GOSH!!!! Instant heaven! After taking a bunch of pictures and texting them to anyone and everyone I know that MIGHT appreciate the never ending isles of crafting supplies I darted into the fabric area and stared grabbing bolts. A hexagon template... needed one of these too, found a card with templates for every shape under the moon but really? I could not justify spending 15 bucks on this (I'm pretty cheap) so I grabbed a receipt out of my purse and traced the hexagon. Was this considered stealing? I'm not sure, but I had my laptop back in my room and could've just as easily got a free hexagon template offline so I didn't feel TOO guilty just enough to have achieved that "need for a little thrill" feeling we all get a one point or another :)

Alright, enough blabbing for today here's a picture of how far I've gotten on my Grandmother's Flower Garden I started that day in Augusta, GA. As for the one I started when I was nine on a road trip to visit my aunt and uncle in Montana, well that one is still in a bag in my parents basement. I have since looked at it, but it's totally different colors than this one so it'll have to wait to be finished after this one is done. This beautiful quilt that has consumed my life:

Okay, maybe just a little more blabbing... Since I started this quilt now all I can think about is all the other english paper pieces quilts and projects I want to make after it.. There are SO MANY beautiful English Paper Pieced wonders out there I feel that I should share some I have came across :) Enjoy!

This is a pattern available on etsy the link is
and this is definitely HIGH on my list of "other projects to start when/if 
I ever finish the million I have started"

Love that they made these 3-D

and this stinkin' patter might, just MIGHT lead me
to cheating on my current english paper pieced project
check out
this blog features a BUNCH of quilters ALL making these blocks 
which I feel like I DEFINITELY need to join in on!!

Have a great week!

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