Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tuesday (When I learn how to look at Calendars) Confessions of an English Paper Piecing-oholic

Well looky there! Tuesday came and went without me even realizing! I've came up with a few excuses if you'd like me to share :)

1. Presidents Day - Weeks with Monday holidays should have a full other set of days to go by since it makes the whole week screwed up! 

2. Mexican Minutes - Went to Mexico over the weekend with my mom and our taxi driver was explaining to us mexican minutes - Approximately 5 American Minutes = 1 Mexican Minutes... Let's just say I might still be running on Mexican minutes would then make today maybe just Tuesday??

Okay, I get it! You're not going to let me come up with a way to make today Tuesday because I have to face it - it's WEDNESDAY so I already screwed up my English Paper Piecing posts and this WAS going to have just been it's second week! UGH I PROMISE to not fail you again!!

Anyways, last week I shared a few projects I wanted to make AFTER I COMPLETED my Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt but since "completing quilts" doesn't actually exist in my vocabulary I went ahead and tried out the wonderful pattern from summerfete's blog - "The Rose Star"

This is not a "quick" block by any means!! Let me tell ya' ... However, once you finish one, like all other hand pieced blocks, you want to make another and another! But now that I got it out of my system to "just try" this wonderfully super fabulous pattern I have promised my Flower Garden quilt to return to her!

Here's the Rose Star I made!!

Now, while you wait to see if I can keep track of my days to post my TUESDAY post on Tuesday next week I want to wish you a great week and a Happy National Margarita Day!!

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