Thursday, February 23, 2012


Okay, okay... I know after I finished The Help I had said I was going to try reading more non-fiction books and especially books about presidents and for the record I am still working on "Mr.Lincoln Goes to War" but lets face it - I'm a non-fiction reading type of girl!! So, since everyone I know and their dogs were reading the Hunger Games I figured I HAD to read it - you know just a quick break from Mr. Lincoln :) 

I'm definitely NOT into believing the world is ending and that we're going to go back to tribes and such so at first I really didn't expect to LOVE this book. After reading it in a quick 3 days though I have to admit this is really just as great as everyone is raving about!!

Have you read the book also? What did you think??


  1. I have read that book. Again, after everyone was raving about it. LOL. I thought it was an ok book. I'm more into the paranormal and post-holocaust type fiction books. The Hunger Games was a little tame for me.

  2. Oh wow! If the Hunger Games were tame for you I'd love to read one of the post-holocaust fiction books you've enjoyed - any certain ones you recommend?